Terms and Conditions

This regulation represents the terms and conditions of use of the website www.kingsrockcabin.ro.

I. Introducere

1. BEST CHALETS SRL, CUI 40956452 based in Zărnești, allows viewing the services, offers and articles offered by the aforementioned entity – from the address: www.kingsrockcabin.ro (“WEBSITE”).

2. These Regulations are addressed to all users of the website and establish its rules of use.

3. Any user of the website can access the Regulation, at any time, by “clicking” on the “Terms and Conditions” link located on the website’s web page.

4. The information about the articles on the website – among others, descriptions, prices – does NOT constitute an offer to conclude distance sales contracts within the meaning of the laws in force, according to the terms of the Terms and Conditions document.

5. The photos and presentations of the posts offered are for their presentation.


1. Through the website www.kingsrockcabin.ro no sales contracts are concluded with natural or legal persons. 2. The condition of starting to use the website is knowledge of this Regulation and its acceptance. 3. The Website takes all the technical and administrative measures possible and imposed by the legislation in force, aimed at protecting the personal data of the Customers and above all to prevent the obtaining and modification by unauthorized persons of the personal data provided during access. 4. The customer who used the website has the following obligations: a) not to provide and transmit information prohibited by law; b) to use the website in a way that does not disrupt its operation; c) not to disseminate and not to place incorrect information on the website; d) to use the website in a way that does not create inconvenience for other visitors and for its Administrator; e) to use the information published on the website pages only for personal purposes.


1. The technical conditions for the provision of services by the website, electronically, are the following: a) access to the Internet, b) use of a browser (Firefox, Chrome or similar), c) Possession of an electronic mail account (optional) , in the case of using the contact function). 2. Complaints regarding the services provided by the website can be submitted electronically by sending them to the e-mail address of its Customer Relations Department, contact@kingsrockcabin.ro or by phone, to the phone number displayed on the website. The Customer’s complaint must contain the name of the beneficiary and a brief description of the complained process. The website will endeavor to have the submitted complaints examined as soon as possible, however, no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint by the website. About how the complaint was resolved, the Client will be notified by the means chosen by the Client, by telephone or as information sent by e-mail to the address indicated by him. BEST CHALETS SRL informs that, depending on the settings of the Client’s browser, it may introduce cookies into the Client’s computer system, which are not a component of the content of the services provided by the website, but which could allow the subsequent recognition of the Client entering the page web of the website and are used by it to improve the Customer’s experience using the website, as well as for the Store’s monitoring of the Customer’s browsing on the web page. The customer can give up the possibility of the website using cookies at any time, through the appropriate settings of his browser.


1. The content and design of kingsrockcabin.ro, including its look&feel and the databases accessible through it, are the property of kingsrockcabin.ro and are protected by the legislation in force regarding copyright and related rights. In the case of information and content posted by third parties on the kingsrockcabin.ro website, the copyright and responsibility for them belong entirely to those who published that information.

2. You may copy and print the content of kingsrockcabin.ro only for your personal use, for non-commercial purposes.

3. Any use of the kingsrockcabin.ro content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document or by the legislation in force is prohibited. Requests to use the content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document can be sent to the email address.

If you believe that a certain content on the kingsrockcabin.ro website violates your intellectual property rights, the right to privacy, publicity or other personal rights, please send an e-mail to contact@kingsrockcabin. ro with the infringed rights to allow the administrators of kingsrockcabin.ro to act in accordance with the legal provisions.

4. kingsrockcabin.ro, its partners or users cannot be held responsible for any delay or error in the execution of contractual obligations or in the content provided on our website, resulting directly or indirectly from causes beyond the will of kingsrockcabin.ro. This exemption includes, but is not limited to: errors in the operation of the technical equipment at kingsrockcabin.ro, the failure of the Internet connection, the failure of telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to the kingsrockcabin.ro systems, operating errors, strike and so on

Failure to accept the provisions of this Regulation makes it impossible to view the offers, posts and articles offered by the website.